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Local Suppliers


Where we can, we are proud to support local suppliers including:

Local Supplier - Andrews

Andrews Greengrocers


For over 60 years, Andrew Bray has been supplying anything from the reddest, crispest apples to the crunchiest carrots, all handpicked and carefully selected.

We stock a decent range of fresh fruit and vegetables in-store. We are also able to supply Made to Order Fruit and Veg boxes as a one-off or regular subscription.

Barker's Brewing Bottles.jpg

Barker's Brewing


Barker's Brewing is the passion of James Barker. It consists of one small stable, a hand-built system, and a selection of amazing craft ales.

A selection of Barker's ales is usually available in-store or from our online bottle shop.

Beer Ink Cans.jpg

Beer Ink


Beer Ink is an uncompromising brewery established in 2016 in the sunny valleys of Huddersfield producing Keg, Cask, and bottles of Craft Beer/Real Ale.

A selection of Beer Ink beer is usually available in-store or from our online bottle shop.

Dark Woods Coffee Range.jpg

Dark Woods Coffee


UK Specialty Wholesale Coffee Roaster, based in the beautiful Pennines in West Yorkshire. Roasting and supplying some of the World's finest coffees.

A selection of Dark Woods Coffees is usually available in-store.

Frozen Food - Dixons Milk Ices.jpeg

Dixons Milk Ices


A family-run business of 50+ years' standing, serving traditional ice cream made from local milk.

Ice creams flavours usually available in-store include:

Bubble Gum, Chocolate & Muddy Fudge, Cinder Toffee, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry Mallow, and Vanilla.

Donkeystone Cans.jpg

Donkeystone Brewing Co


Donkeystone Brewing Co are suppliers of award-winning beers and craft ales.

A selection of Donkeystone's beer is usually available in-store or from our online bottle shop.

Hadfields Bakers - Loaves.png



Hadfields have been serving the people of Huddersfield for over 60 years. With 15 shops across West Yorkshire, they've served millions of customers over the years.

A selection of Hadfield bread/rolls is usually available in-store.

J Brindon Addy - Staff.jpg

J Brindon Addy

Hade Edge

J Brindon Addy are a quality and traditional butchers based at Hade Edge, near Holmfirth - serving fresh, quality, and locally reared livestock and products daily (and have done for many years).

A selection of J Brindon Addy meat, pies, and ready meals is usually available in-store.

Chilled Products - Longley Farm.jpg

Longley Farm


Longley Farm are producers of awarding winning Dairy Products based just outside Holmfirth in West Yorkshire.

A selection of Longley Farm products is usually available in-store including cottage cheese, natural & flavoured yogurts, creams, soft cheese, salted Jersey butter, fromage frais, and crème fraiche

Magic Rock Beers.jpg

Magic Rock Brewing


A world-famous brand, Magic Rock Brewing produce magical modern beers in cask, keg and can for a new wave of discerning beer drinkers ... Beers conjured for flavour ... the same but different.

A selection of Magic Rock beers is usually available in-store or from our online bottle shop.

New Yorkshire Emporium Nuts.jpg

New Yorkshire Emporium


A Yorkshire family run business producing chilli sauces, spicy pickles, and nuts. All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and gluten-free - and combine the traditional flavours of US barbecue with a bit of Yorkshire magic

A selection of New Yorkshire Emporium nuts is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Nicolas Gateaux v2.jpg

Nicola's Gateaux


Based in Meltham since 1981, Nicola's Gateaux are manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of handmade creamy delights, traditional traybakes and puddings.

A selection of Nicola's Gateaux puddings/tray bakes is usually available in-store.


Plus Foods


Based in Huddersfield. Plus Foods produce an extensive range of delicious home-cooked style ready meals and fresh pizzas.

A selection of Plus Foods chilled pizzas and frozen ready meals is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Royal Fox Gin.jpg

Royal Fox


Royal Fox is a unique small-batch London Dry Gin created by hand in Huddersfield by the Harrison family.

A selection of Royal Fox gins is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Salt Beer Factory.jpg

Salt Beer Factory


Salt is a micro-brewery on a mission to unify heritage and modern brewing located in the UNESCO World Heritage village of Saltaire.

A selection of Salt beers is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Saltaire Brewery.jpg

Saltaire Brewery


Saltaire Brewery is an independent UK brewery committed to creating delicious, high quality beers

A selection of Saltaire beers is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Squawk Brewing Co.jpg

Squawk Brewing Co


Squawk Brewing Co was founded in Manchester in 2013. At its heart is a love of beer, the people that drink it and the people that make it.

A selection of Squawk beers is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Three Fiends Brewhouse.

Three Fiends Brewhouse


Based right here in Meltham, Three Fiends are a producer of award-winning British craft and real ale. 

A selection of Three Fiends beers is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Yorkshire Dama Cheese.j

Yorkshire Dama Cheese

Sowerby Bridge

An award-winning Yorkshire halloumi producer, using only local milk.

A selection of Yorkshire Dama cheeses is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Vocation Brewery.jpg

Vocation Brewery

Hebden Bridge

Brewing bold beers from their hilltop in Hebden Bridge and pouring punchy pints from their very own taprooms. Vocation are resolutely in the business of setting standards, not following trends.

A selection of Vocation beers is usually available in-store.

Local Supplier - Zapato Brewing.jpg

Zapato Brewery


Zapato are a nomadic brewery, who make beer in lots of different places! They make generous, satisfying drinks with full flavour and complexity.

A selection of Zapato beers is usually available in-store.