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Fruit, Vegetables & Potatoes

Salad & Stir Fry Ingredients

We stock a decent range of fresh fruit and vegetables in-store.


We are also able to supply Made to Order Fruit and Veg boxes as a one-off or regular subscription.

Meat & Poultry

Special Order Service

A selection of J Brindon Addy meat, pies, and ready meals is usually available in-store.

We also offer a special order service for J Brindon Addy products - please contact us for details.

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Bread & Rolls & Crumpets

Naan Bread, Pitta Bread & Tortillas

A selection of Hadfield bread/rolls is usually available in-store plus:

  • Kingsmill/Warburtons sliced bread;

  • Warburtons crumpets,

  • Naan Bread (plain & garlic);

  • Pitta bread; and

  • Flour tortillas.